Workplace Safety Audit

Workplace Safety Audit

What is a Safety Audit?

A safety audit is an important element in any Safety Management System. The safety audit involves the collection of information and the analysis of activities, equipment, substances, systems, documentation and training requirements to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of the Safety Management System within the company or organisation.

The benefits of an external audit can be invaluable in terms of evaluating your compliance with current health and safety legislation. Many companies are not compliant with their health and safety legal obligations. Our audits incorporate an action plan which your company or organisation can work towards to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and best practice.

The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 require employers and organisations to manage safety.

How can we help you?

Our experienced consultants can help you by delivering an independent external audit of your company or organisation’s compliance with health and safety legislation and your Safety Management System. We can provide a gap analysis against current health and safety standards which incorporates an action plan and prioritised list of recommended improvements.

Our consultants can help you if your company or organisation needs,
A Health and Safety Audit?
An audit to be carried out by an independent and competent person?
To establish that the company’s system is compliant with current safety standards?

To establish if there are gaps in the Safety Management System?