Food Safety Introduction

Food Saf Intro

FSA Level 1 (3hrs)

This 3 hour course covers the very basics of food safety, personal hygiene and bacterial control. The course is aimed for all employees at induction level in all sectors of the food industry. The course is based on the skills outlined in the FSAI’s Guide of Food Safety Training Level 1.

Course Programme:
Role of employees in food hygiene.
Personal hygiene.
Hand washing.
Protective clothing hygiene.
Safe food handling practice.
Avoid unhygienic practices.
Maintain staff facilities in hygienic condition.
Safety Signs.
Legal responsibilities.

Who should attend:

All employees in all food sectors including the hotel and catering industry. All employees whose job involves food handling or preparation.




FSA Certificate.

Certificate Valid for

3 yrs.

Max. No of trainees