Fire Training in Care Facilities

Fire Care Facility

This ½ day course is designed to provide care facility staff with the knowledge and skill necessary to fulfil their legal responsibilities imposed on them by Fire Safety Legislation.

Following consultation with management and staff trainees may go on a walk through the building where they can see first hand how fire doors operate, the location of fire alarm call points, the fire alarm panel, how fire compartments operate and the location of fire safety equipment and the escape routes.

Course Programme :
Fire Safety Legislation and Legal responsibilities.
Management responsibilities.
Chemistry of Fire (Fire Triangle)
Fire Safety Prevention Programme.
Fire hazard identification.
Fire evacuation plans and procedures.
Action to be taken in the event of discovering a fire.
Action to be taken on hearing the fire alarm.
Moving of residents using Progressive Horizontal Evacuation.

Who should attend:

Care Facility managers and staff.


½ day.


GHSS Certificate of Attendance.
Employer will be issued a cert for record keeping & a log of names of all participants will be entered in the Employer’s Fire Safety Register.

Certificate Valid for

3 yrs.

Max. No. of trainees