Evacuation Procedures and Fire Drills

Fire Evacuation

We offer fire drill training where we can be on site when fire drills are taking place and have personnel at strategic locations within a building to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the evacuation procedures.

On completion of the fire drill we will meet with the people responsible for organising the drill and discuss our findings with them.

If requested a report can be forwarded to the relevant person who can keep the report on file in the fire register.


Fire Drill Training Programme:
Fire drill monitoring.
Fire drill assessment.
Review of findings.
Update or amend if required
Drawing up an evacuation plan and procedures.
Training in the evacuation plan and procedures.

Who should attend: All employees
Duration 2½ hr.
Certification GHSS Certificate of Attendance
Certificate Valid for 3 yrs.
Max. No. of trainees 15


Evacuation Procedures
We offer a service where we can assist in drawing up an evacuation plan and procedures to be followed in the event of a fire or other emergency. A site specific plan and procedures can be drawn up based on the site visit and meetings with the relevant personnel, safety officer and safety warden.

When the evacuation plan and procedures are drawn up and agreed training can be provided to personnel providing them with the relevant knowledge and skills required to effectively implementing the evacuation plan and procedures.