Eco Driving Solutions


Eco driving saves lives – saves fuel.

This course is designed to reduce accident rates and fleet operational costs significantly. Eco-Driving has been found to reduce accident rates by roughly 35% and fuel consumption costs by 20%.




Course Objectives :

Raise eco driving awareness amongst drivers.

Reduce accident rates.

Reduce vehicle fuel consumption costs.

Improve driver techniques to involve smooth driving.

Improve concentration and anticipation in relation to changes in road and traffic conditions.

Course Programme :

Drivers will receive instruction in a driving technique which involves driving smoothly and avoiding sudden braking or acceleration.

Driving at all times with a high level of concentration, observation and anticipation of changes in road conditions and traffic.

Drivers will learn how to use the gears intelligently and drive the vehicle within the appropriate rev range.


Who should attend: This course is suitable for all drivers.
Duration ½ day – 1 day depending on trainee numbers.
Certification GHSS Attendance Certificate
Certificate Valid for
Max. No. of Trainees
Special requirements Full licence for their vehicle category.