Chauffeur & VIP Driver Training

Chauffeur & VIP Driver Training

The Chauffeur & VIP Driver Training  course is designed to equip VIP drivers with the necessary skills to maintain a high degree of observation, concentration and anticipation of security risks at all times.





Course Objectives :

To increase concentration, observation and anticipation of security and driving risk amongst VIP drivers.

To raises hazard perception levels and improving existing skills.

To contribute to the prevention of security risks and accidents.


Course Programme :

Trainees will be taught the necessary skills to safeguard the VIP’s at all times.

How to identify a potential threat or hazard and to take appropriate corrective action to deal effectively with such incident.


Who should attend: Chauffeur drivers and VIP drivers.
Duration ½ day
Certification GHSS Certificate of attendance.
Certificate Valid for
Max. No. of Trainees
Special requirements Full licence for their vehicle category.