First Aid for Mums & Dads

First Aid Dads

This “First Aid for Mums & Dads” is a short course designed specifically for parents and carers of children who do not have the time to attend the 1 day Paediatric First Aid courses.

This course is designed to teach people life saving skills in relation to children and infants. This course is ideal for both parents with children and carers of children or anyone who is likely to have to respond to child accident and emergencies.

All of our instructors delivering this course are qualified First Aid Instructors.
This course can be tailored to the clients needs.

Course Programme:
Infant CPR.
Child CPR.
Conscious Choking Child & Infant
Head injuries.
Temperature control.
Shock Management.

Who should attend:

Mums Dads and Carers of children




GHSS First Aid Certificate.

Certificate Valid for

2 years.

Max. No of trainees