Accident Investigation Training

Crime Prevention / Security Risk Assessment

This course will provide training for your designated staff in the investigation of accidents and incidents in the workplace. This course is designed to ensure that following an accident a thorough investigation takes place to establish the root cause of the accident. This course will equip participants with the necessary skills to obtain detailed and accurate information regarding all accidents. This will help prevent a recurrence of the accident or incident and ensure that necessary steps are taken to improve safety.

Course Objectives
On completion of the course participants will be able to:
List the components of an accident investigation.
Explain the role of accident investigation in safety management systems
Apply the correct steps in conducting an accident/incident investigation
Describe the legal implications with respect to accidents in the workplace

Course Programme;
What are an accident / incident?
Accident Investigation
Preserving the Scene
Taking Witness Statements
Site Measurements, sketches and drawings.
Root Cause Analysis
Accident Report Writing & Recording


Who should attend: Senior and middle management
Duration ½ -1 day.
Assessment, Certification GHSS Certificate of Attendance.
Certificate Valid for 3yrs.
Max. No. of Trainees 10