Abrasive Wheel Instructor

Safety Abrasive Wheel Instructor

This Abrasive Wheel Instructor 2 day course is designed to provide participants with the appropriate knowledge & skills to deliver instruction to those who are under their control at work and who operate abrasive wheels as part of their duties. It will include a communication and presentation skills as part of this course.





Course Objectives.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

List the legal requirements of working with Abrasive Wheels.

Select the appropriate wheel or cutting disc for the task.

Correctly use and mount an Abrasive Wheel.

Understand the function of the Abrasive Wheel (fixed or portable)

Deliver a short presentation on a topic of their choice.


Course Programme.

Health & Safety Legislation surrounding the safe use of Abrasive Wheels.

Identify the hazards of working with Abrasive Wheels.

Store, Handle & Transport Wheels,


Pre-use inspection of Abrasive Wheels & Equipment.

Correct procedure for Wheel Mounting.

Wheel Balance & Dressing.

Selection of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

Train the Trainer

Adult Learning Styles, Motivation, Training Cycle.

Communication & Presentation Skills.


Who should attend: Supervisors who are in control of those who use Abrasive Wheels as part of their normal duties.
Duration 2 Day.
Assessment, Certification Written exam & Presentation.
GHSS Certificate of attendance.
Certificate Valid for 3yrs.
Max. No. of Trainees 10
Special requirements