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Driver Safety Management System

Arrive Safe Driver Risk Assessment
Arrive Safe provides a consistent method of assessing the practical elements of driving behaviour on today’s roads. A user friendly screen landscape with clear photography and questions takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and if required can be closed down and resumed at any time. The assessment is recorded to a remote database for secure storage and retrieval at any future time. Drivers and the company administrator receive a printed report on completion. Follow up action in line with a company’s policy can then be discussed with the driver as required.




Driver Profile.
The driver profile is a declaration of personal driving history and captures far more information than a copy of a Driving Licence could provide. A number of issues recognized by the Insurance Industry as high risk and needing further appraisal have been flagged, so that their appearance in a driver’s profile triggers an e-mail alert with a link to a secure web page where the profile can be viewed.


This module measures behaviour and attitude towards every day traffic scenarios.


Hazard Perception.
This module measures ability to recognise hazards. The install version delivers video footage containing unique rear view mirror and local sound, the online version employs a selection of screen “hot spots” in static images against the clock.


This module tests the driver’s awareness of accepted driving protocols and car safety features.


Highway Code.
This module measures knowledge of Road Laws and Signage straight from the book and similar to the Driving Standards theory test, now part of the qualifying process.


How the assessment works.
The assessment delivers the material in random order, thus minimising the risk of material becoming familiar. The driver is unaware which module each question is taken from and prevents desirable answering. Performance is assembled into modules for the final report.

18/19 College Green, Dublin 2
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