Risk Assessments

Safety Risk Ass

What is a risk assessment?
A risk assessment is a careful examination of what could cause harm to people in the workplace.
Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires the employer to identify hazards in the place of work, to assess the risks presented by those hazards and to be in the possession of a written risk assessment. The risk assessment shall be reviewed and amended by the employer where there has been a significant change or where it is no longer valid.

The risk assessment involves the identification of hazards that are present in the workplace. The risk assessment also involves identifying the people that are at risk from those hazards and the control measures that are currently in place. Establish if the current control measures are adequate to control the risk and recommend additional controls if necessary to adequately control and manage the risk.

How can we help you?
Our experienced consultants can act as ‘competent’ person to carry out a full risk assessment of your company or organisation or work with your company in preparing risk assessments.

Our consultants can help you if your company or organisation needs,
A risk assessment to be carried out by a competent person?
To review an existing risk assessment to ensure it is compliant and up to date?
A full risk assessment of the workplace?
To risk assess new hazards and risks that have been identified within the company?