(HACCP) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


HACCP Auditing.
Our auditing service assesses if the food safety management system in your business meets the required standard and food legislative requirements. If areas in your food safety management system are not fully compliant we will highlight these areas.

We will make observations and recommendations to help you keep your business compliant with food safety legislation. Our audits are based on the relevant Irish Standards e.g. IS 340 and IS 341 and cover 280 points relating to all aspects of your operation.



Implementing your HACCP System.

We will visit your food business and conduct a gap analysis audit. Your HACCP system will be tailored to your business, resources and staff. An operational plan will be put in place with documentation and guidelines to facilitate the implementation of the HACCP system tailored to the specific needs of your business. Once the HACCP system has been successfully implemented your system will be monitored and maintained to assist you with your business HACCP system.

It is a legal requirement of the food business operator to provide training to all staff involved in the food business. Our highly experienced Food Safety trainers provide training which focuses on maintaining the HACCP system.

How can we help you?

We can visit your food business and carry out an independent audit to ensure that your food safety system is fully compliant with Food Safety Legislation.

We can design and implement a HACCP system tailored to the specific needs of your food business.

We can provide staff with food safety training relevant to their activities for all Food Safety training levels 1-2-3.