Fire Safety Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Risk Assessment.
A Fire Risk Assessment will look at the fire hazards, the risks of those hazards, the people at risk and the type of risk. The fire safety risk assessment will include;
Fire Prevention.
Fire Detection and Warning.
Emergency Escape.
Fire Fighting.
The Fire Risk Assessment will then outline measures for managing the risk effectively.

Fire Safety Audit.
The Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003 place a legal responsibility on all employers to achieve an appropriate standard of fire safety. In order to ensure compliance with the Fire Services Acts, fire safety within an organisation should be assessed in accordance with fire safety guidance documents and codes of practice. A fire Safety Audit will outline the main areas of non-compliance and will advise on what action is required to ensure compliance with Building Regulations / Best Practice in order to protect occupants of the building and the operating business itself.

How can we help you?
A GHSS fire safety consultant will visit your premises to examine the building thoroughly and to discuss the management of fire safety in the building.
On completion of the audit, you will be presented with a Fire Safety Audit Report. The report will outline the deficiencies in the premises in relation to fire safety standards and will include a prioritised Action Plan for implementation in order to ensure compliance with fire safely legislation, guidance and best practice.